Conservationist, Artist, Social Reformer, Writer and Teacher

Our Place

The “Our Place Project” was initiated by the Octavia Hill Birthplace Museum Trust to encourage primary schools to teach children an awareness of their responsibility for their environment.

Pupils will:

  • Study the achievements of the Victorian social reformer, Octavia Hill (1838 - 1912) in housing, the environment, the arts and the National Trust.
  • Look at the history, topography and demography of the area around their school.
  • Plan, develop and help to construct an “Octavia’s Place”. This is an area in or near the school which will enhance community life and provide a permanent record of their work.
  • The pupils themselves will decide the form that this will take.

Through their study the pupils will:

  • Learn how to look at the area in which they live, observe the local environment and identify possible ways to bring about change and improvement.
  • Learn to articulate their views.
  • Acquire a sense that they as individuals are capable of changing things as Octavia did.
  • Develop citizenship and community living skills.
  • Become aware of the role of the arts in community well being.
  • Develop hands on construction skills.
  • Develop an interest in local history and the role of the past in shaping the present and influencing the future.

You will have an opportunity to work towards National Healthy Schools Status by meeting the new criteria which cites:

“the extent to which a school encourages and facilitates children in decision making and providing them with opportunities to participate in school activities which are necessary to build their confidence and self esteem."