Conservationist, Artist, Social Reformer, Writer and Teacher

Schools & Education

Octavia Hill was one of the most influential of all Victorians. Her remarkable achievements are ideal to study topics concerning housing, the good health of communities, conservation and the environment.

Our Education Centre at No 7 South Brink hosts a variety of activities and courses. See our what's on page for full details.

The Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House staff will work with leaders of education groups at all levels and abilities to ensure your visit is a success. All specialist groups, for example Civic Amenity Societies, Housing Associations and the National Trust are welcome.


A school visit to Octavia Hill’s Birthplace House offers a valuable Victorian experience for all Key Stages, with programmes for History, Citizenship and Geography. The visits develop the pupil’s knowledge and understanding of events, people and changes in the past, and their impact on life today.

Pupils will:

  • Discover what homes were like long ago, contrasting the elegance of the Hill family home with the living conditions of the cellar home occupied by seven people recreated in the basement.
  • Dress in Victorian costume, and take part in role play as Victorian landlords and tenants.
  • Find out what life was like for children living in Victorian Britain, comparing homes then to the present day.

Throughout the activities, the children are encouraged to think about the lives of people living in other times and places, developing a sense of community and learning to take care of the environment.