Conservationist, Artist, Social Reformer, Writer and Teacher


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Octavia Hill, 1838 - 1912
Born in Wisbech

by Peter Clayton (1993)

£3 (+ p&p)

Free -Thinkers and
Trouble - Makers.
Fenland Dissenters.

by Harry Jones (2004)

£3 (+ p&p)

Octavia Hill and the
Social Housing Debate.
Essays and Letters by Octavia Hill.

Edited by Robert Whelan (1998)

£5 (+ p&p)

The Work of the Century:
The Origins and Growth of the Octavia Hill Housing Trust in Notting Hill.

by Peter Malpass (1999)

£5 (+ p&p)

Octavia’s People -
The Story of the Pearce Family at Redcross Cottages, Southwark

by Derek A Rose

£2.50 (+ p&p)

Octavia Hill
A biography by E Moberly Bell
Typescript of the 1949 edition

£6 (+ p&p)

Founders of
the National Trust

by Graham Murphy (1987)
New edition 2002

£6 (+ p&p)